Business Owner Solutions

Besides helping our business owner clients grow their investments and prepare for retirement, there are five primary ways in which we like to help our clients achieve financial success.

Save Money On Taxes

Let's face it, taxes can eat away at your wealth.  While there's no way to eliminate all taxes, we work with CPAs and tax attorneys to implement strategies that help business owners maximize the tax efficiency of current assets and cash flow while achieving both growth and preservation goals.

Wealth Protection

​Business owners have a lot of assets, which can make them the target of individuals looking to take their hard earned assets away from them.  We help business owners employ legal concepts and strategies to ensure the client's wealth is not unjustly taken from them by potential creditors, litigants, ex-spouses and children's spouses, as well as to protect them against catastrophic loss.

Wealth Transfer

​​At Thompson Wealth Management, we help business owners employ legal strategies to structure the eventual transfer of current and protected assets effectively and to facilitate the most tax-efficient ways to pass assets to succeeding generations in a way that meets the client's wishes.

Charitable Giving

​We help our clients fulfill any philanthropic goals they may have and maximize the effectiveness of his or her charitable intent--ideally to enable gifts that are significantly greater in value than what would have been possible otherwise.

Make Smart Decisions About Money

​As a business owner, you make lots of decisions.  Most of the time, those decisions can be made quickly with no outside consultation.  However, some of those decisions can be more complex and a lot of money may be on the line.  We will function as your personal CFO, discussing those matters with you, and helping you navigate those more difficult decisions.